Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Milestones in Movies With Sound and Television [Videos]

Silent films started appearing commercially on a widespread basis in the late 1920's and early 1930's. The first experimental effort to produce a film clip with synchronises sound dates back to 1894. Very recently, the wx cylinder that was a part of this first "talkie" was found and restored. Following is the result of this experiment. Following is the first American experimental television broadcast that aired in a viewing studio on July 7, 1936. In tghe second clip, it is worth noting the manner in which African Americans were portrayed. Nazi Germany did a lot more work in the field of television, and saw ist propaganda potential. Following is an early German broadcast from 1935. Early German television broadcast from 1935 (in which an announcer makes a sick pun about concentration camps at the end of the clip)

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Music From Johann Adolf Hasse [Videos]

Johann Adolf Hasse was born in 1699 in Bergedorf Germany to a family of church musicians. His musical repertoire spans a range from church music to symphonies and operas. He started his musical career as a singer prior to embarking on his career as a composer. Hasse married Faustina Bordoni, an an Italian mezzo-soprano in 1730 and spent a great deal of his musical career in what is today Italy. Hasse had a long career as a court composer in Dresden as well as Vienna. Married to Faustina Bordoni  an Italian mezzo-soprano, hasse spent a great deal of his life in what today Is Italy. Following are some selections from Hasse.

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Asia Bibi and Hangovers of Caste Hatred In Pakistani Islam

A Pakistani woman named Asiya Noreen “Asia” Bibi, faces a death sentence in Pakistan for daring to drink from a well frequented by Muslims. Since Bibi is Christian, the local imams declare that water touched by her is unclean, and therefore "haram" for Muslims to drink. The fact that Bibi was reeling from thirst did not matter a bit to fellow berry pickers. In addition to her alleged brazenness, Bibi faces charges of blasphemy for saying that Jesus would have judged here more benevolently than would Mohammed. The village imams offered Bibi the option of conversion to Islam, an option that she refused. The New York Post printed an excerpt of Bibi's account of four years spent in a remote Pakistani prison, caught between bigoted mobs calling for her death and a government in Islamabad that is embarrassed by her plight. The book is called Blasphemy, and was dictated to her husband during her long imprisonment. Fifty percent of the sales of the book go to supporting Asia Bibi and her family as she languishes in prison.

The travails of Asia Bibi resemble stories of treatment meted out to untouchables in devoutly Hindu parts of India that were in keeping with Hindu customs. As a result of Hindu case bigotry, many untouchables became Christians or Muslims.This has left a hangover of Hindu customs and attitudes that have seeped into the Islam of the Indian subcontinent. It should be remembered that British India later split into India and Pakistan, and that in 1971, Bangla Desh seceded from Pakistan and became an independent country. The religious communal map of British India looked far different from that of India, Pakistan and Bangla Desh today. Communities were uprooted and put to flight, forced to live on "their" side of new and artificial borders during the bloody partition riots of 1947, as well as various outbreaks of local unrest in subsequent years. Many historians and scholars have speculated about the degree to which Pakistani Islam is adulterated with Hindu, polytheistic ideas.

 Asia Bibi may well be the victim of ignorant clergy who see themselves as Muslim when they are really practicing a bastardised form of Islam laced wit idolatrous customs. The problem is not Asia Bibi defiling a well. The so called Muslims of Asia Bibi's village have already contaminated their alleged monotheism with idolatry. It is not Asia Bibi who needs "purification" but those who persecute her. All of this speculation is of little help to Asia Bibi and her entire family. It would be wonderful if the United States, Canada or some other enlightened western country would accept Asia Bibi and her entire extended family as immigrants and refugees. Perhaps Pakistan and its people can be shamed by infidels into living up to their constitution. NY Post Book

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Music From Inti Illimani and Victor Jara [Videos]

      The cultural complaint of many nationalist groups around the world is that their indigenous music, literature and language is being diluted by the overpowering influence of the idndustrialised world. In Latin America, a movement for indigenous (politicised) music was launched under the name "Cancion nueva".

  A prominent group in the Nueva Cancion movement in Chile was Inti Illimani. because they were vocal supporters of the Unidad Popular government of Salvador Allende, they were wanted by the dictatorial regime of Agosto Pinochet.Fortunately, in 1973, Inti Illimani was on tour in Italy, where they were able to secure political asylum. Victor Jara, a Chilean singer with similar politics, was not so fortunate. He was murdered
in Chile's central stadium in the early days of Chile's military dictatorship after being beaten and tortured in 1973.

The first of the following three videos is of Inti Illimani performing in Italy. The following two songs are "Ni Chicha Ni Limona" by Victor Jara, and "Manifiesto".

White House Winks at Anti Christian Violence In Egypt [Video]

    White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was very careful  in a recent press conferenceto say absolutely nothing about violence in Egypt by condemning "all the violence that has been perpetrated there in Egypt. Earnest condemned attacks on Christian churches without condemning the people who perpetrated them. In addition, he made no distinction between violence by police that was intended to thwart violent attacks and attacks made on peaceful demonstrators.

The more complex question of the rights of a government to ban demonstrations in times of widespread unrest was completely ignored by Earnest, who succeeded only in dispelling any illusions of a coherent Obama administration policy towards Egypt. Earnest, the clueless press secretary, even tried to make light of the attacks on Christians when asked if the administration had a red line on attacks on Christians.

"I didn't bring my red pen with me today." quipped Obama's spokesman. (Real funny Josh.")

The White House is far more concerned about apppearing as though it cares than it is about actually making a difference.

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