Wednesday, January 30, 2008

About Immigration

The U.S. government dispenses billions of dollars in charitable aid, both in the United States and abroad. For many, immigration to the U.S. is a chance at a better life, for themselves and their family abroad.
Our Congress and President control the charitable purse strings , acting presumably on behalf of the people who elected them. Immigration is the gift of an opportunity. It should be bestowed on behalf of the American people after annual discussions of America's needs and those abroad seeking asylum or opportunity. Those who come illegally are taking a privelege which should be freely granted by our elected representatives.
I have noticed that some of the biggest advocated of unrestricted immigration are employers who want cheap labour. Our ability to sustain a vibrant economy depends on workers who have money to spend. Our ability as a nation to subsidize progress in developing nations depends on a solid tax base. Between illegal immigration and outsourcing jobs to the developing world, we are eroding our standard of living and our tax base. Especially in an age of terrorism, we have a right and duty to guard our borders and to bestow citizenship as a collective act of free will.
I can not bring myself to express any enthusiasm for Democratic or Republican candidates now running, as NONE of them have shown sufficient courage and insight in addressing this issue.
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Anonymous said...

The US is a nation comprised mostly, except for native Americans, of descendants of immigrants, either those who came willingly or those forced through slavery. There is a fine line between illegal immigration and legal immigration. What determines whether someone is considered a legal immigrant? What if someone comes to the US on a visa because they have relatives here and decide to work-should that be considered illegal? How many people were denied access to the US during world war two, for example, because of "America's needs"? If one looks at statistics, the outsourcing of America's jobs and the instabilty of the economy have risen along with rising wages and benefits of America's workers and America's cost of living, which may both be contributing to the outsourcing of jobs and instability of the economy, not immigration.