Saturday, February 23, 2008

India's Miscarriage of Justice The Saul Itzhayek Story

The stort of Saul Itzhayek is a disturbing one. Crossing the border from Nepal to India, it was determined that his visa had expired. What was should have been viewed as a technical offense was instead turned into a "violation of India's sovereignty". A failure to be forthcoming with a bribe was a clear component in this judicial travesty, as is made clear in the article that follows this one.
The Canadian government has been extremely lackadaisical in their response to the flagrant abuse of one of her citizens.
The Indian government is sending a very clear message to foreign visitors. You'd better pay bribes when you're shaken down. If some local honcho wants his cut of India's economic upsurge, we're not going to get in the way.
It would seem wise for anyone planning to visit India to perhaps consider Nepal or Thailand instead. Additionally, this miscarriage of justice should be taken as a warning to those considering doing business with India that there are safer places to do business right now than India.
The Canadian government should send a clear indication of their displeasure by issuing a travel advisory to those planning to travel to India concerning the dangerous corruption and avarice rampant in its judicial system.

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