Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Land Israel Is Asked To Give Away Is Paid For In Blood and Tears

When you drive down the east or west coast of the United States , there is a long pause between the outskirts of one city and the edge of the next. The signs showing the miles to the next major city show numbers that shrink all too slowly.
In Israel, by contrast, the cities follow each other in rapid succession. Names brought to my awareness through terrorist attacks flash by on the highway almost too fast to count. It can be said that the country Israelis are being asked to dismember is a sliver on the map right now, that would be suicidal to reduce further.
There is a myth propagated to delegitimise Israel that states that innocent Arabs are being made to pay for the displacement of European Jews who came to Israel. This deceitful version of history ignores the series of pogroms(farhud) and legal measures taken in Iraq, Syria and Egypt that stripped the Jews of Arab countries of property, safety and civil protection.
There was overt collaboration between Nazi Germany and Arab political leaders, the nadir of which was the visit of the grand mufti of Jerusalem to Auschwitz. Indeed, he asked that the Jews be killed in order that there be no chance of them coming to what was then Palestine.
There was no State of Israel in 1920, 1928 or 1936, all years of bloody pogroms in the Holy Land. There was no State of Israel during the pogroms in Arab countries that took place during World War Two.
The lies of Israel's enemies are a prelude to an intended genocide. They do not deserve to have land from which to launch yet more murderous attacks against Jews in the Holy Land.

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Please click on the title link. Additionally I offer a presentation from Harav Meir Kahane that gives eloquent voice to a truth that is in danger of being buried in our troubled times. Please click below for that presentation

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