Friday, February 15, 2008

The Obama Campaign , A Test of Management Skills

World Net Daily published a disturbing picture of a Che Guevara flag in Barack Obama's Texas campaign headquarters. This raises serious questions about the interest groups that are attracted to his campaign. As chief executive, Obama would have to fashion a foreign policy for his administration. In any government, loyalty to the official position of the administration has to be strictly enforced. In 1940, Joseph Kennedy was ambassador to Great Britain, and voiced public support for Nazi Germany, much to the embarrassment of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was charting a neutral path for the United States. Joe Kennedy was quickly sent home in disgrace when he failed to subordinate his personal convictions to U.S. policy.
Obama has a similar problem with his Texas campaign workers flaunting Marxist icons. Will he rise to the challenge and send them packing ? Or does he consider communism to be an "alternative lifestyle"?

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