Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Warning From Great Britain About Political Correctness

The article that I have reprinted below is a chilling story of political correctness gone mad. It starts off with a story of a British army veteran who was denied a job with a local police department because his tatoo of a British flag was deemed "racist" The series of anecdotes in the article about British shame replacing healthy patriotism creates a disturbing picture indeed.
Can we really be so complacent as to think that such things could not happen in the United States? We have porous national borders that represent a serious economic and security threat. The borders could be easily secured, yet neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have done anything of substance to correct this problem. To the contrary, it was only a grass roots outcry that prevented a massive amnesty program for illegal aliens. It dismays me that it is mostly tiny third political parties are the only ones who seem to speak with any candour about this problem. The article that follows this journal entry is an accurate picture of where I fear our nation could be headed. Let us support candidates of whatever party who will take seriously their oath of office to support our nation's constition AND laws.
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