Friday, March 28, 2008

Announcement To Readers and are now two months old. I am attempting to keep current with providing for both sites a steady stream of interesting, eclectic content. I value your feedback.
The name of Magdeburger Chossid is going to change. The new name will be Magdeburger Joe (Also Known As Magdeburger Chossid). The former name has proven hard to spell. The new name will be more similar to the url as well as being easier to spell.
I am learning gradually the ABC's of composing web pages. I am attempting to make my pages quicker to load. I finally cleaned up the chaotic layout on the right side of both and
I am attempting to network and promote my websites. Search engine optimisation and professional networking to promote my sites are two areas I am attempting to address. The bulk of my production falls on my lonely shoulders, using my limited resources. These things take time.
Finally, I am making a TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE offer to other web site owners who visit and enjoy my web sites. If you post one of my links on your website, either or, then I will post your web site link on the link list of BOTH of my websites. I will of course visit your site to see if the exchange is appropriate to the needs of my readers. If I can not approve a link reciprocation for whatever reason, I will in the interests of fairness let you know. I do not want to take your help without returning the favour.
It has been a pleasure reaching out to my readership. Knowing that someone , somewhere is seeing what I have written or presented inspires me to produce more. I thank you, my first visitors for coming to my site. I hope to continue to provide these sites for a long time to come.

Magdeburger Joe

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