Monday, March 17, 2008

Arab Jews, an Interview with Nathan Weinstock

The following is a post about an interview with a repentant Trotskyist, who gave an extensive interview to Information Juive and presented in translation on the Point of No Return blog.
Being a former Trotskyist myself, the interview resonates a great deal. My family is connected by marriage, thank G-d to Jews from Yemen and Iraq. I deeply believe that the legitimacy of our claim to the Holy Land requires achdut (or achdus) between all Jews of whatever sub ethnicity.
I urge you to click on the title to this post to view this article. I intend to visit this site frequently in the future. I am very interested in Jews whose ancestry touches the shores of countries under Islamic rule. Point Of No Return addresses this facet of my interests well. It will henceforth be one of the permanent links on the right side of my web page

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