Thursday, March 6, 2008

Charlie Chaplin Great Dictator Speech

Looking back in the history of films, I think of a better time when film tried to give voice to visions of a better world. One of the greatest films ever was Charlie Chaplin's "Great Dictator".
Its portrayal of Tomania and its dictator, Adenoid Hinkel was a thinly disguised attack on Nazi Germany. We should not forget that Nazi ideology before World War Two had tens of thousands of American sympathisers. Indeed, the German American Bund was able to fill Madison Square Garden with its followers. I am presenting a speech by Charlie Chaplin in the movie, in which he impersonates Adenoid Hinkel, and hijacks a Nazi style rally with his own ideas. It is one of the more stirring moments in English language film that still speaks to our times. To view the speech, please click on the title to this post. Additionally, I have included two links in which Chaplin parodies the sounds of French and German respectively. The mock German clip is a skilled parody of Berlin Radio's coverage of Hitler's speeches on shortwave. The faux French clip is from the film "Modern Times".

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