Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dear American Readers Make Your Voice Count !!!

I just put up a link on the right hand side of my web page that is very user friendly. If any issue I cover on my website touches your heart, please click on the link at right that tells you to write or call your senator or representative. You can look up their websites, and quickly locate contact information.
The post following this one is a full text of a House of Representatives resolution that made it out of a committee that approved it for a general vote.On March 31, it will be voted on by the entire House of Representatives.
The resolution focuses on the Jews from Arab countries who were forced to flee Arab countries in 1948. Any just peace must include Arab Jews as well as Moslems in a just peace agreement.
A recurring theme on this site will be those whose religion, race or language puts them on the wrong side of a national border. For example, there are Coptic Christians in Egypt and Hindus in Pakistan who are often badly mistreated as well as the Karen rebels of Burma. I could of course go around the world and make a list of mistreated minorities. I hope you will not only return to my page, but go to the Senate-Congress link and write your Representative or Senator now and in the future.
Meanwhile write your Representative in the House of Representatives and ask them in the interest of fairness to support resolution 185.

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