Saturday, March 8, 2008

FC Hansa Video from The Puhdys and a Note to My Readers

The conflicts of the past few days leave me drained and saddened. When I visited Israel, I was struck by the money and time invested in thwarting terrorism. Neither Jews nor Arabs in that region are wealthy by American standards. All that money that is locked in conflict can not be spent on bettering people's lives.
An Israeli taxi driver who was a "dove" once told me when I was travelling with my then infant son in his car,"It takes nine months to make a baby. It takes eighteen years to make a soldier."
I have had children go to Israel to study. I feared just the sort of scenario that took place in the yeshiva in Jerusalem. But I would not tell another child who would choose to learn in Jerusalem to stay away. That would be surrender.
Sometimes I like to forget the wars that blight the lands of my ancestry. I visualise messianic times, in which soccer team rivalries will be the only "conflict" between nations. That is why I am presenting this soccer team music video. The song is from the Puhdys, of the former East Germany. Their team is FC (Football Club)Hansa, from the city of Rostock. Click on the link to see the video Visualise world peace.
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