Thursday, March 27, 2008

Free Tibet !!!!!

Since the early 1950's, Communist China has occupied Tibet. The people have an identity, language and culture that is distinct from the other parts of China. Since taking over Tibet, they have tried to turn their takeover into a fait accompli by moving Chinese people into the region, thereby wedding themselves permanently to the occupied country. Their strategy is identical to the U.S.S.R's takeover of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, in which ethnic Russians were encouraged to settle permanently in the Baltic republics . Latvia for example had in the late 1980's a 50% Russian population.
China seems to be crushing Tibetan independence in the same manner, with cultural and demographic dilution of the indigenous population.
There is one factor that lessens the likelihood of an American or European protest against Chinese aggression and the recent crackdown in Tibet . China has a massive trade surplus with the west. They hold billions of U.S. dollars in their banks. The dollar is fragile. No one wants to antagonise them. Under cover of lip service to Marxism, China maintains a docile work force that is put at the service of American and European capitalism. In the court of world opinion, they have gotten the best justice that money can buy.
Those who care about this situation should protest to their elected representatives. When you shop, try to purchase goods from countries that treat their ethnic minorities and workers better. You can only vote every so often, but you shop every day. Ask your retailers to carry goods that are not produced with exploited labour. It you buy shoes, they should be good for your feet AND the workers who produce them. You have power, and you should use it

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