Monday, March 10, 2008

Giving America's Third Political Parties a Forum

The Democrats and the Republicans are on a national level leaving much unsaid. NAFTA, the shaky basis of the American dollar as well as legal and illegal immigration are not being discussed frankly.
I am reprinting the platform of the Christian Phalangist Party of America on this post. I am not Christian, and think that they should accept non Christians as members. They seem to blur the distinction between personal friendships and political alliances.
Despite these misgivings, I find them to be free of racism and hatred. I feel that America has an overwhelming majority that is primarily Christian. There are so many impediments to their public professions of faith. Christian teachings are effectively banned from public schools. And taxpayers must support public schools as well as whatever their private school choice may be. Although I mention Christianity, these obstacles to the practice of faith and education of our children afflict Orthodox Jews as well.
The aggressive exclusion of belief in G-d from public life elevates secular humanism to the level of a de facto state religion.
Unfortunately I will probably go with the herd and vote for the lesser of two evils in November. But I hope those who are of a traditionalist mindset will at least form caucuses within the major political parties.
I am herewith reprinting the political platform of the Christian Phalangist Party of America. It is my ambition to bring from the political sidelines those ideas which deserve discussion, regardless of whether or or not I am in total agreement with them.
Additionally, you can click on the title to this post to view the Frequently asked questions on their website. At the bottom of that is the HOME icon which will take you to their main page , which has a lot of interesting material.
Copyright 2008 by Magdeburger Joe. (The material posted below is from the Christian Falangist Party Website and is reprinted by me for educational purposes without intent to endorse their party. I hope it stimulates needed political discussion.)

What we believe

"Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still"

We Believe:

1. In the total sanctity of the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and the United States Flag.

2. In maintaining and defending "Western Judeo-Christian civilization" both here and abroad.

3. In a strongly disciplined Armed Forces and a return of the draft. A two year draft would instill in a young man or woman certain desirable qualities such as discipline, duty, patriotism, work ethic, physical fitness, service to America and the ability to follow orders. Too many of our nation's youths lack the qualities of earlier generations. A draft also would help prepare our young in the event of another world war, thereby relieving our military of the burden of training everyone when a war is already in progress, a lesson we learned well in World Wars One and Two.

4. In a Republic of separate and independent states as intended by our founding fathers. The U.S.A. is not one country, it is one union of 50 countries freely united in brotherly bonds. A unity to be preserved at any cost.

5. A strong centralized government should not infringe on the rights of the individual states or the citizens of those states unless it is to defend the rights of United States citizens.

6. The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. That in a time of national crisis the law abiding citizens of the United States have a right and a duty to form themselves into civilian militias under the leadership and training of former military officers.

7. The immoral and decadent trend in society must be stopped as it will lead to our national destruction.

8. Family farms should be preserved, protected and be given special tax breaks. The passing of a federal law which would make it illegal for local governments to force farmers out of business by raising their land values and taxes. Private property rights belong to the citizen landowners of this country and not the corporate controlled politicians.

9. In the traditional family unit which is a female mother, male father & child.

10. Public displays of homosexual behavior, advertisements, literature, magazines, films and music, should be outlawed. The closing of all Gay bars, clubs and beaches that are open or accessible to the public. Only private clubs, beaches and stores would be lawful.

11. That what consenting adults do in private is between them and God and not the government's business no matter how filthy, perverted and disgusting it is.

12. The immediate end to the onslaught of illegal immigration and a cap on all legal immigration. An end to Moslem immigration and laws the favor Christian and Jewish immigrants first.

13. In fighting against Communism, Socialism, Radical Islam and the New World Order.

14. That English should always remain our national language and that to become a citizen of the U.S. one should have a working knowledge of English.

15. That non-citizens should not have the same rights, privileges and benefits that citizens have.Non-citizens do not have the right to vote in our local or national elections.
16. That being against something is not hate, it is free expression.
17. That the American dollar should be put back on the silver standard and an end to the Federal Reserve would be best economically for the nation.

18. In Social Justice, that all American citizens have a right to a decent job, decent housing, three square meals a day and affordable medical attention. A life without fear and without discrimination based on race, age, gender, nationality, political affiliation or non-violent religious beliefs. Free college scholarships to the poor who have exceptional intellectual abilities.

19. That voluntary prayer and the "Ten Commandments" be put back in our schools.

20. That abortion is murder and anyone performing abortions is a murderer.

21. That Euthanasia is murder and its movement should be stopped before it spreads.

22. That illegal immigrants are breaking the law and therefore are criminals and that an honest aggressive effort should be made to deport them. Any illegal immigrant who serves honorably in the military forces of the United States or is at present a member of such forces cannot be deported nor can the immediate family members of such immigrant that reside in the United States.

23. That the U.S. should boycott and stop all foreign aid to nations that persecute or permit the persecution of Christians and Jews.

24. That as of September 11th. 2001 these United States of America are at war with terrorists in particular but not limited to Radical Islamic Terrorists and that every effort should be made to insure the safety of our citizens both here and abroad. That the National Guard be used to patrol and protect the integrity of our borders.

25. That sexual perverts should not have the right to publicly flaunt their bizarre and disgusting behavior in the form of "Pride Day" parades.

26. That Veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States of America should be given the best health care available and that the U.S. Veteran's Administration should honor their responsibility to American Veterans instead of the current policy of finding ways to neglect that responsibility.... the neglect that has resulted in the unnecessary deaths of thousands of American Veterans.

27. The separation of hardened and dangerous criminals from non-violent prisoners. All prisoners have a right to be protected from violence and rape. Prisoners should be made to work according to their ability to help defray the cost of their incarceration. That after a felon is released from serving his prison sentence and has lived a clean and productive life for ten years, all of his rights as a citizen should be restored. His or her right to bear arms will be reviewed by a board and only after approval from such board will that right be restored.

28. In using all of our resources to break us away from foreign oil dependency by tapping into our vast oil reserves in Alaska and other places. We look to the eventual replacement of fossil fuels with hydrogen, the most plentiful element in the universe and it is the fuel of the future. The U.S. must be self sufficient in energy.

29. In a Christian faith that seeks to demonstrate the love of God through political service. The principles we want to apply in everyday politics are drawn from the Bible, as well as from Christian political insights through the centuries.

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