Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hillary in Bosnia

Hillary Clinton told a dramatic story about ducking gunfire on her landing at the airport in Bosnia. I would not bet my rent money on the veracity of Hill or Bill's recollections about anything, but Hillary's recollections of her Bosnia trip are understandably fuzzy. The trip was twelve years ago and I am sure that there were words of caution addressed to the American delegation of which she was a head. It is quite possible that her fears coloured her memories of the trip. Additionally, it should be noted that she was a "frequent flier" on behalf of her husband and the U.S. government.
There were legal questions faced by the Clintons during their time in office that should be reexamined at least for posterity.As an American of Balkan descent, I am grateful for the attention focused on the Balkan region as a result of her trip. Out of gratitude for that I will give her a pass on this trivial non-incident.

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