Friday, March 7, 2008

The New Idolatries

I always viewed the term "idolatry with a certain smugness. How silly it seems to pray to a statue, to leave food in front of it, or even to kill people in front of it. But when I look more candidly at what has occurred in my lifetime, it seems that the little individual offerings I had once scoffed at are now simply being offered on an industrial scale. When skin colour is put at the pinnacle of human perfection instead of behaviour, then you have the human sacrifice of pogroms and lynchings.
Marxism elevated the international working class to the top of their pantheon, with the communist party as their priesthood. The body count of the communist movement dwarfed those of any other movement in history.
The bloodlust and hatred that was nurtured in the Arab world seems to have become its own reward . This mutated offshoot of legitimate Islam seems to be in danger of filling the boots left empty after fascism and communism stepped off of the world's center stage.
Sometimes a pharmaceutical clears all of the hurdles and is accepted as beneficial, only to find out that it is in fact terribly dangerous. The most famous example of this was a remedy in the early sixties for morning sickness that was known as thalidomide. It caused thousands of children to be born with crippling deformities before it was recognised as a menace and withdrawn from circulation.
This analogy in which defective and harmful pharmaceuticals is compared to toxic and injurious ideologies is an obvious one. We are under physical attack. We must defend ourselves physically. And since we remain a free society we should within our society defend our way of life with education and free speech. To do less would make us accomplices in our own demise.
copyright 2008 by Magdeburger Joe

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