Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New York's Political Woes by Magdeburger Joe

Looking back at the sordid woes of Governor Spitzer, I am far more concerned about his retaliation against State Assembly minority leader James Tedisco and his constituents back in October of last year. In what appeared to be an act of political payback, Governor Spitzer cut funding out of the budget for a medical clinic in Tedisco's district that served the poor. I expect many issues to come up in upcoming years about which New Yorkers may passionately differ. Governor Spitzer's "steamroller" style of political warfare does not make me eager to leap to his defense at this time. Whether it is from Governor Spitzer of his successor, New Yorkers deserve a far higher level of civility than exists at present. Back when Hillary's husband was president, I had to trash the daily paper before walking through my front door because of the steamy contents of the front pages. Oh well... Happy days are here again.

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