Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Racism in America Guard and Increase Our Imperfect Peace

Bigotry is a narcotic that is being pushed aggressively in different venues of America. When someone prods your collective memory with emotion steamrolling intellect, it can give you a quick high and leave you with a bad hangover. There are always scraps of truth tossed into the broth of deception that is served at the table of prejudice.
I am presenting a video from a Pastor Manning who has been dishing out racism with his own unique seasoning. Whatever your ethnicity, it is important to reflect on how priceless is the tolerance that we have in America , even with all of our faults.If you click on the title to this post, you will see Pastor Manning and his appeal to racism.

Below I have a link to a video dealing with partition in India in 1947. Credible estimates put casualties in this sorry chapter of Indo-Pakistani history at a million. If you speak to older people from the Indian subcontinent, all have memories of the strife in which so many lost their lives in an ethno-linguistic rift that assumed horrifying dimensions. india 1947

Additionally , I am presenting a video linked below about the Rwanda genocide of 1994. The Hutu and Tutsi share a common language and similar racial background, perhaps as similar as Italians and Spaniards. Despite this, the plague of intercommunal strife forever scarred their small country of eight million.
In Brooklyn, I have met Pakistani, Indian and Rwandan immigrants and discussed with them how the study of their history defines my hopes for America. Our newest citizens have much to teach us. Let us guard the peace of our great country that has drawn them to our shores.

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