Friday, March 28, 2008

Saul Itzhayek Freed from Prison in India

After ten months of incarceration, Saul Itzhayek has was freed from prison in the Indian state of Bihar. For a simple visa infraction , he endured scorpions, rats and tainted water in an ordeal that caused his weight to drop by sixty five pounds.
Open demands for bribes from the local police made a mockery of any contention that he was simply stuck in a slow moving judicial system.
Prison riots and constant uncertainty over how much of his three year sentence he would have to serve took their psychological toll on Mr. Itzhayek, a resident of Montreal' Canada
"You know, you have hope and they take away your hope. It breaks you up every time," said Mr Itzhayek in a telephone interview ."You never think you're going to leave. Every time you go, they throw a roadblock in front of you."
Mr Itzhayek is expected to arrive in Montreal on Friday.
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