Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saul Itzhayek Remains In Prison In India

Reports coming from India about the physical and psychological health of Saul Itzhayek are not encouraging. He remains imprisoned in Bihar state, where he was convicted of crossing into India from Tibet with an expired entry visa.
The case sends a disturbing message to foreigners who might be attracted to India for business purposes. Mr. Itzhayek was not accused of drug, financial, or any other type of crime. He received a stiff sentence under harrowing conditions for what was essentially a technical offense. Open requests by Indian officials for a hefty bribe during his arrest certainly raise additional questions.
All of these questions pale as the question of Mr. Itzhayek's fragile health haunt those who work and pray for his immediate relief. I hope and pray that an official in the Indian government will quickly find the legal technicalities necessary to end Mr. Itzhayek's harsh and unjust imprisonment

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