Thursday, March 6, 2008

Shortwave Yesterday Cyberspace Today

In my childhood and that of my parents, a shortwave was a symbol of freedom. I remember hearing from my father and grandparents how the BBC kept them informed about what was happening in Nazi Germany.
In my generation, Radio Free Europe and Voice of America chipped away at the Communist monopoly on information. In America today, internet despite its considerable dangers has along with talk radio democratised the flow of information.
The Democrats have proposed various regulations in the past to assure "fairness" on the airwaves. It was one of the chilling memories of the Clinton years was their attacks on right wing talk radio. When I vote for president, I will be voting for the idea of unregulated political free speech. (This is not the same as unregulated obscenity). The news coming out of Cuba detailed in the following New York Times article is most encouraging. Hopefully North Korea will soon follow.

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