Friday, March 21, 2008

Stand by Your Man

I've been reading all of the discomfiting revelations about Barack Obama's preacher, Reverend Wright. It bothers me that Barack is dumping his rev now that the Obama campaign is picking up steam. If Wrights beliefs are Obama's own, it's time to be straight up about it. I am very skeptical about a candidate who is so ready to repudiate his spiritual adviser. What are his real core beliefs? I am reluctant to support a candidate whose loyalty to his reverend is so fragile. Had fame not visited Obama, would he still think Wright is right?
The ability to stay the course with an unpopular position is a prerequisite to being president. America is much vilified in the forums of world opinion. I am looking for a candidate who will stand by America as well as his vision for America. I am still waiting. Obama is not the man.

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