Thursday, April 17, 2008

Does the End Justify THESE Means?

The "justness" of the cause of a Palestinian state has been intoned with such mind numbing regularity that it is accepted without question around the world. Even countries with their own restive minorities such as France with their Corsicans and Spain with its Basques and Catalonians fail to ask why the few thousand deaths in Israel and the Palestine Authority over a decade constitute a more pressing claim on the time of the United Nations than a million plus famine deaths in North Korea or close to a million deaths over mere hundred days in Rwanda.
Part of the way to press a claim for statehood is to conduct one's struggle in a manner worthy of respect. The Palestine Authority has done its best to aid , abet and reward attacks on innocent civilians in a neighboring jurisdiction. It permits attacks to be launched from its territory. The cumbersome security precautions necessitated by its belligerent conduct have blighted the lives of its own people. Its corruption has been rampant bleeding away money given by Europe and the U.S.A. to attack poverty and finance development.
While complaining bitterly about the treatment of Arabs by the State of Israel, the Christian population of the Palestine Authority has steadily shrunk due to violence against it and discrimination that is both tolerated and practiced by the government.
Israel apologises and investigates when its armed forces accidentally kill Arab civilians. Willful murders of Israeli civilians are celebrated in the streets of the Palestine Authority.
Israel is asked to take as partners for peace those whose record would be trusted no place else. Those such as Jimmy Carter who advocate such trust are knowing and willing accomplices in the murder of Israelis and the continued opression of Arabs by their own governments.
Does the end justify the means? We can see in the unfolding of events in the Middle East that the means used to achieve statehood shape the ends. We see that the blood lust cultivated as a means of achieving a Palestinian state continues to thrive and consume those who cultivated it.
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