Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ehud Olmert Refuses To Meet With Jimmy Carter

According to Israel National News, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is refusing to meet with former American President Jimmy Carter when he goes to the Middle East next week. Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni has also found enough pressing business during Carter's visit to preclude any chance of meeting with him.
Former prime minister Shimon Peres and defense minister Ehud Barak as well as Yisrael Beitenu leader Avigdor Lieberman have, however scheduled meetings with the former U.S. President.
Mr. Carter has been criticised for his public attacks on the foreign policy of presidents who have served since Carter completed his single term of office in 1981. The U.S. State Department has made public its request to Carter that he not follow through with his plan to meet Hamas leaders in Syria.
It is unfortunate that President Carter has used the prestige his former position commanded to undermine the diplomatic efforts of those who followed him in occupying the Oval office.
Carter's energetic efforts on behalf of Habitat for Humanity have aided that organisation in its creative solutions to the housing problems of the poor. His work in eradicating the Guinea worm and other tropical diseases in Africa has been of great benefit.
More debatable has been the success of his election monitoring efforts in strife torn regions. His private diplomatic efforts in North Korea and the Middle East likewise refresh the American public's memory of his ineptitude in office.
Since Carter has yet again thrust himself into the public spotlight, perhaps we should examine the failures and errors of the Carter presidency. If this historical reckoning guides us in choosing our next President and serves as a negative example to President Bush's successor, then perhaps it will diminish the waste that was the Carter presidency.
President Carter is an intelligent and educated man. Had he chosen his causes more wisely instead of conducting a Presidency out of office, he might have accomplished much more in his areas of strength. It is a pity that he is so thoroughly tarnishing his already modest legacy in the twilight of his years.
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