Friday, April 4, 2008

Hamas Fires on Israeli Cabinet Minister Visiting Kibbutz

According to reports from Agence France Press, Hamas has claimed credit for a Friday attack on an Israeli kibbutz. In the attack, an aide to a visiting cabinet minister was wounded
Our fighters targeted the Israeli minister Avi Dichter in a joint operation with the Protectors of Al-Aqsa," said Abu Obeidah, spokesman of Hamas's military wing. "We severely injured his assistant."
The Israelis were accompanying a delegation of Americans and Canadians that was showing its solidarity with Jews in Israel who are enduring rocket attacks from Gaza.
It should be remembered that Hamas is the governing party in the Palestine Authority. They are announcing with pride an attack on a neighboring state. In most of the world,this is an act of war. To America's State department, it is part of the "cycle of violence."
It is clear what the rewards have been for Israel's taking "risks for peace'. Anyone who advocates further such risks is an accomplice to those perpetrating the Attack

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