Monday, April 14, 2008

Iran Calls on Israel To Stop Threatening Iran

Ahmadinejad and a friend in a jolly mood

According to a dispatch from Associated Press,Iran urged the U.N. Security Council to yet again condemn Israel and demand that it stop threatening to use military force against Iran, according to a letter obtained Friday.
Iran's U.N. Ambassador Mohammad Khazee quoted in a letter to the U.N. Security Council a statement byIsrael's Infrastructure Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, who warned Iran on April 7 that any attack on the Jewish state would result in the "destruction of the Iranian nation."
The letter, which was not a belated April Fools day joke as had been previously suspected stated that Israel had "has continued with its insolent, outrageous and unprovoked threats against the Islamic Republic of Iran" which it classified as a violation of the U.N. charter.
Despite calls for Israel's obliteration and fighting a proxy war through its Hezbollah allies in Lebanon, the Iranian ambassador is able to claim with a straight face that the statement of Israel's Infrastructure Minister was "unprovoked".
Additionally, Ambassador Khazee claimed that U.N. inaction had emboldened Israel in its threats against the Islamic Republic.
Intelligence reports coming from Iran have fueled suspicion that Iran intends military uses for its nuclear program. It is odd that it has chosen to combine a suspicious looking nuclear program with military adventurism throughout the Middle East and inflamatory rhetoric. Iran imports all of its gasoline from abroad, despite being a leading oil producer. It could accomplish amazing things for its people and chooses instead to raise legitimate concerns in Israel about its intentions and offensive military capacity.
Iran's Ambassador to the U.N. deserves an Academy Award for delivering his complaint about U.N. inaction with a straight face. The Islamic Republic of Iran is fortunate to be spared the wrath of countries that it has threatened with regularity. It is even more fortunate to have eluded the wrath of its own citizens.

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