Monday, April 28, 2008

Iranian Official Cites Barbie Doll Threat

A top Iranian official has warned of the dangers posed to the moral fabric of Iranian society posed by Barbie dolls, according to a dispatch from Associated Press. Although trade embargoes have slowed the flow of toys from the west, smugglers and black marketeers have provided a steady flow of liquor, pop music from the west and bootleg American DVD's.
The Iranian government wants to satisfy the appetite of Iranians for toys sold in America without undermining the values being promoted by the Ahmadinejad government. To further this end , it is rumoured that they have studied the success of GI Joe and come up with an Iranian spinoff. There will be no skimpy outfits or uncovered hair in Iranian toy stores. After Iran's Holocaust Denial Conference , toy designers in Iran reportedly unveiled the Iranian Barbie doll. The doll's first name is Klaus, he wears a Revolutionary Guard uniform and his last name is Barbie. Market research results are not yet in, but it is the doll is expected to enjoy brisk sales. A complete line of accessories including suicide vests is likely to come out soon for use with the Klaus Barbie doll. Aspiring young militants will have the option of blowing up their Klaus Barbie dolls, stimulating the market for replacements.
In response to the original request for an Iranian alternative to dolls from the west, it is rumoured that toy stores are selling rolling pins with eyes painted on them that can be swaddled in black cloth. Iranian government officials would not answer repeated requests from for comment

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