Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Let's Swiftboat Until November !!!!!!

There are two strategies in campaigning for office. One is to prove that you are qualified. The second is to prove that the other guy is unqualified. When John Kerry invoked his Vietnam service record, the Republican opposition found people to contest Kerry's version of the facts. The Democrats then introduced the word "swiftboat" into the political lexicon. Is there something wrong with examining a candidate's record? It seems that whenever a Republican hits dirt, the Democrats whine about "negative campaigning".
The Republicans in 1988 ran an ad about Willie Horton, a convict let out on work release who went on a terrifying crime spree They were showing the impact of leniency to violent criminals under then Governor Dukakis. I say they were putting a human face on issues too often reduced to abstractions.
When the Israelis staged air raids on villages that had been launching rocket attacks on Israeli towns, they were criticised for causing civilian casualties. Then the Israelis identified guilty individuals and assassinated them, sometimes using high tech means. The immediate response of the knee jerk Israel bashers was to condemn "targeted assassinations".
The Democrats will make up new rules as they go along to hamstring their opponents. My advice is to go over the records of your rivals with an electron microscope. If they yell, it means you're on to something and you should crank up the heat.
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Findalis said...

Direct and to the point.

You know the minute Hussein gets "Swiftboated" he will cry "racism". I wonder how fast he will make the cry?