Friday, April 11, 2008

Young Voters Reportedly Anxious About McCain's Age

Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean stated in a press conference that he would not bring up voter concerns about John McCain's age during the presidential campaign, making an exception for the Thursday press conference at which he commented at length on McCain's age and "old fashioned views".
McCain's views on birth control and abstinence education were cited as a cause for concern among focus groups.
I have always chuckled at the label of being "old fashioned". The wild parties in the waning days of the Roman empire rivaled any of the parties in private clubs and bath houses today. Should one assume that an opium den of the mid nineteenth century is "old fashioned because it existed a hundred fifty years ago?
Those who support a scripturally based family have differed with advocates of "alternative lifestyles for centuries. Both McCain and his opponents differ on these issues in same manner as have scores of preceding generations. An embargo on dismissive labels such as "liberal" and "old fashioned would elevate considerably the quality of political discourse.
I think that age is an asset. An older person has memories of history that were the headlines and current events of his youth. The way events and political figures are viewed in posterity often differs with how they are perceived in their time. In Judaism as well as in Chinese tradition, the white hair of old age is looked at as a badge of authority. It is in this light that I view John McCain.
Opposition to abstinence education, support for abortion and prohibitions against government support for private schools and prayer in public schools are all part of the secular canon that is fiercely defended by those who control the Democratic party. Looking at the tone of McCain's views, I feel that the parameters of public discussion would get a welcome revision under a McCain administration. I view the prospect of a McCain appointment to the Supreme Court with far less apprehension than a Clinton or Obama nominee.
It is true that the Democratic Party has produced a far more youthful crop of nominees than has the Republican Party. I believe that this is because the wisdom of old age is far more favourably disposed to the Republican philosophy than is the agenda of the Democrats. Howard Dean has done a good job of calling to public attention John McCain's assets in seeking public office. For this I thank him.
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