Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Israel :Black Sheep Or Faithful Shepherd?

Yet again, Israel has been among the first arrivals at the scene of a natural disaster. On May 8, Israeli rescue teams were among the first to arrive in the hermit republic of Myanmar. In Turkey and Armenia, Israeli rescue teams were there to help out in earthquake rescue work. In Rwanda, Israelis set up field hospitals to cope with the medical needs of tens of thousands of refugees in the aftermath of the 1994 Rwandan genocide.
Much of Israel's expertise has come as a tragic byproduct of her own war with terrorism. Digging survivors out from buildings blown up by terrorists was done by Israelis in Kenya and Rwanda. Setting up tent cities for homeless refugees was learned in Israel's past history of absorbing thousands of Jewish refugees who fled to Israel soon after its founding.
Sadly, there are Iranian civilians who are dead today as a result of the Iranian government's decision to refuse Israeli aid in the aftermath of an earthquake in their country. Even with hundreds dying by the hour, the Islamic Republic of Iran would accept no aid from the "Zionist entity". The Israelis have developed technology for rescue from collapsed buildings that involves inflating a balloon beneath the rubble and pushing it off of those trapped beneath.
By comparison, Greece and Turkey, historically warring neighbours have a common experience with earthquakes. A factor in the improved relationship between the two countries is the united front they presented in coping with disasters. There is no telling how many lives have been saved because tensions between these two adversaries were reduced to manageable levels. The Greeks and Turks should be lauded for their success in extracting some peace from the natural disasters occurring in their countries.
The United Nations, which started with such high hopes in 1945, presents a sordid contrast to the Israel, which has brought an epidemic of rape, abuse and molestation in countries
as far flung as the Congo, Bosnia and Cambodia where it has set up refugee camps (see link)
The United Nations, ever quick to criticise Israel has done virtually nothing to stem the epidemic of abuse by its troops of helpless refugees under their care.
Per capita, the United States and Israel lead the world in their response to both man made and natural disasters. These two free countries are as ready to criticise themselves as any of their adversaries. Yet they are a role model to the world in matters of helping those in need.
It is a light to the world when tragedy brings out the goodness in human nature. In the past, international sports have helped build bridges among feuding nations. Disaster aid provides far more practical benefits to its participants Greece and Turkey have shown how a common purpose can ignite the warmth of friendship. The nations of the world should compete in giving. When the heart is ready, the hands will find a way.
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Findalis said...

Charity was taught to me by my parents and grandparents. In our kitchen were the cans for the various charities we gave to. My first chore when I got my allowance was to put money in one of those cans.

Charity is a commandment of G-d. Not just to our own people, but to all those in need.

Isn't it funny that Israel and the US are the biggest givers of charity to the world.