Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A note to my readers has passed its third month of posting. It has been inspiring to me that strangers in over sixty countries have visited my site and sometimes commented on its contents. It is a sign of hope that people in countries that are at odds with each other can sample each others knowledge and opinions in cyberspace.
There have been those who gave me technical and editorial advice. Others posted information on their sites that has facilitated my work and broadened my readership. Others traded links with me at a time that my site meter indicated that I was relatively unknown. The Best Blog of The Day Award came at a time when I was discouraged about the popularity of my sites.
A recurring criticism of and, which are (fraternal) twin sites is that they are hard to spell in the English language. I have been told that this slows the growth of my readership. Both names are in honour of my grandmother, who I love dearly, who was born in Magdeburg, Germany, and my great uncle who was born in Stettin, Poland. (Back then it was Germany.) The names have been a sense of creative inspiration to me. I can not give them up.
Out of respect to the reading public, I have started an umbrella site called "". I ride my motorcycle in winter weather, and see it as a metaphor for staying ones course in life under trying conditions. It is also much easier to spell. On that site are the RSS feeds and links for and If anyone visiting this site wants to tell a friend about or, it will prove, I believe much easier to send them to "" and let them find their way from there.
With G-d's help and my wife's patient support, I have survived my mistakes in putting up these sites. I hope to continue in providing entertaining and informative articles for a long time to come.
Finally, and will continue to function as urls. I have provided as a convenience to readers to jump on their own to either site.I hope this is helpful to you, my dear readers.
Copyright 2008 by Magdeburger Joe

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