Monday, May 26, 2008

Suspending Disbelief: Good For a Joke, Bad For A Campaign

What has been most disturbing in major media coverage of the Obama campaign is the suspension of disbelief. Talk radio and the blogosphere are notable exceptions to this blind faith in Barack Hussein Obama. A candidate should be vetted, or thoroughly checked out not only for disqualifying elements but also friendships, interests and character traits that might shed light on his or her future performance. Obama is getting kid glove treatment, with no examination of communist radicals who influenced and befriended him during his political ascent. (see link)
Many people pass through a radical phase in their political development. "The God That Failed" is a collection of accounts by former communists of their enchantment and subsequent disillusionment with communism. Obama, when questioned about Reverend Wright, Rashid Khalidi or Weather Underground member Bill Ayers seems unable to speak persuasively of their contribution to his political evolution. His repudiations seem to be not an outgrowth of maturation but of expediency. He reacts defensively when questioned about his former(?) acquaintances.
We seem to have forgotten Spiro Agnew, Nixon's Vice President who was forced to step down, not for his conduct as Vice President but because of alleged misconduct as governor of Maryland. Had he been more thoroughly investigated prior to his nomination for Vice President, a lot of trouble could have been spared.
Although there have been investigations of Obama's financial ties, they are pushed to the back pages of the newspapers and to talk radio. Shopping for the truth about Obama is like buying a Beatles album or a pair of jeans in Moscow back in the seventies. Indeed in typical Muscovite style, Democrats talk regularly about regulating talk radio for "fairness".
Gordon Lightfoot in his song "The House You Live In" sang "Be known as a man who will always be candid on questions that do not relate." On questions that do relate, Obama is far from candid.
Obama's political ally, Jimmy Carter laid the groundwork for much of today's political instability by facilitating the fall of a friendly government in Iran. He thereby created a beachhead for terrorism in the Middle East and the world. At this dangerous time in America and the world's history, I see no reason to suspend the disbelief that every candidate should face as he asks to lead our country. Obama prefers speeches. He does not welcome questions. The American people deserve better.
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