Thursday, June 19, 2008

An All Time Low: Iraqi Jihadis Crucify Christian Children

Iraqi Jihad terrorists never seem to stop finding new lows in human depravity. A parliamentary committee meeting in Ottawa, Canada heard testimony from Iraqi Christians that about twelve Christian children, some as young as ten have been crucified in attempts to intimidate their families into leaving Iraq. In Pakistan, fleeing Christians are lured into forced labour camps where even the children become indentured servants. Those who attempt to flee Allah's paradise have their fingers chopped off. Buying one's way out is possible through sale of a kidney or conversion to Islam.
Iraqi Christians are not alone. Yazidis and Mandaeans have also been targeted by Jihad filth acting in the name of religion. In many cases, the businesses of well to do Christians and other non Muslims make them attractive targets to Islamic Jihadists.
The first priority should be for the west and for the Iraqi government to forcefully secure the safety of these communities that predate Islam in Iraq by centuries. Iraqi Christians, Mandaeans and Yazidis should get top priority in immigrating to the United States. They should have the same automatic approval for refugee status once enjoyed by Cubans fleeing Castro.
Christians in America and world wide should be forceful in support of their brethren in Iraq. Perhaps refugee camps should be set up by Christian organisations for those who have been dispossessed by the terrorists.
As a child of someone who fled Nazism, It is impossible for me to be silent about this inhumanity. During this year of a presidential campaign, there are increased possibilities to publicise this heart breaking issue. America must not turn its back on these people. It is commendable that the Canadian Parliament has listened to the Christians of Iraq. The American Congress should do so as well. America was founded in part by those fleeing religious persecution. In welcoming Assyrian refugees, we will be affirming our country's roots as a haven of refuge.
Whoever reads this article should click on the links I have provided to become better informed. I hope my readers will reach out to the Assyrians at this critical time in their history.

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