Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Barack Obama : Ready For Prime Time?

This is an actual tape of Barack Obama speaking. The incoherence is shocking. If John McCain were to speak in such an incoherent fashion serious questions would be raised about his competence. We seem to be afflicted with a news media that is blatantly biased towards the Democratic Party. Proper reporting would give us a sense of how the candidates are on the road without a teleprompter. Obama has shown a pronounced aversion to debates with a format that is beyond his control. He prefers staged events in which his image is projected by handlers. Our next president is going to be dealing with a world that will try to push him off balance.
Obama has been attracting some very problematic endorsements. Hamas and Jimmy Carter as well as Fidel Castro seem to be very eager for Obama to win the election in November. We should be asking ourselves what they see in him.
The news media should be exploring the character of the candidates and more importantly, their prior record of public service. Previous presidents have been governors and legislators. There is a lot to be examined in Obama's political career that could give us an idea of how he likes to govern. Instead, he has been getting soft treatment from the media. If Obama thinks that the campaign is tough, then he shouldn't even think about the White House. Right now he is choosing when and whether to debate. The presidency is not like that
The captions on the video with this posting are pretty harsh. But they're nothing compared to the rough world of the twenty first century
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