Sunday, June 22, 2008

Christians Wake Up !!!

The Middle East is not only the birthplace of Judaism, but of Christianity as well. There are Arab families whose blood lines connect them to the first Christians in the world. Many use Aramaic( the spoken language of Jesus) as their liturgical language or even their mother tongue
It is not only archaeology that connects us to the past but the practices of living people. A disturbing demographic trend throughout the Middle East, in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Egypt is the plummeting percentage of Christians in the general population. Murder, rape, forced marriage and extortion are making the lives of Christians in the Middle East a daily living hell. Even the limited protections of Sharia (Islamic law) are not extended to them by the hordes of the Koranically illiterate who wax apoplectic at an uncovered ankle yet shed rivers of blood for Islamic laws that they invent themselves.
Fundamentalist Christians display some empathy for their persecuted brethren in Iraq. The silence of mainstream Christian denominations has been deafening. Instead of coming to the aid of beleaguered Christian compatriots, they have strengthened the hands of their oppressors, who commit their crimes in the name of Islam. Presbyterians and Methodists regularly flirt with sanctions against Israel, and stand with equal regularity by the blood of their coreligionists.
Millions of dollars are spent to perpetuate the lie that Christianity is a branch of Judaism. Money that could be spent resettling and protecting persecuted Christians is being spent printing idiotic little tracts with titles like "Jesus made me kosher." Israel is examined with an electron microscope while African Christians are captured as war booty and sold into slavery.
In America, the leading threats to a Christian lifestyle are probably alcohol and drugs. In Egypt and Iraq, the threats are from kidnapping and forced conversions.
Where is the much touted Christian compassion that leaves descendants of the world's first Christians quaking with fear? Was the commandment not to stand idly by the blood of your neighbour nullified by Jesus as was the sabbath and keeping kosher? People are dying physical deaths and shedding real blood as the compassion of wealthy Christians is focused elesewhere.
The world is losing a living connection to its past. These are living human beings who seem to be on the wrong cable channel for eliciting action and compassion.It is my duty as a Jew, as a human being to offer aid to the oppressed of this generation just as my grandparents were aided years ago by America, a Christian country.
There is a Jewish saying that is turning into a sad epitaph for all too many Christians living in Islamic countries. "He who is merciful to the cruel is destined to be cruel to the merciful".
In this age of instant news, no one can plead ignorance. History and G-d almighty will ask all of us, where were you. Did you speak up. Did you offer aid? Why were you silent? What will we answer?

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