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An Open Letter To Barack Obama (From My Mailbox/

A friend forwarded this e-mail to me. It is an open letter to Barack Hussein Obama from a Soviet immigrant to the United States. Those who have lived under communism not as privileged foreigners but as politically unconnected citizens have a familiarity with totalitarianism. Immigrants bring an awareness to America that enriches immeasurably our collective wisdom. The author of this letter is very concerned about Obama's past friendships with communists and communist sympathisers. He speaks as one who is familiar with that political system as it functioned in practice rather than how it looked on paper.
The news outlets have treated foreign affairs and domestic affairs as separate subjects on their tendentious report cards. They have given John Mc'Cain good grades on foreign affairs and claimed a superiority in domestic matters for Barack Obama. The two areas can not be separated.The balance of trade, the value of the U.S. dollar and the availability of strategic imports all affect the daily lives of Americans. National security issues as well have sadly touched the lives of American families who lost loved ones on 9/11. Obama seems to be counting on a collective amnesia to facilitate his presidential aspirations. I am reprinting the letter below. It articulates the concerns of many and deserves attention and consideration.
Second Open Letter to Senator Barack Obama
Dear Senator,
My name is Leon Weinstein. I am an American. I am also Jewish. I was born in
the Soviet Union, was fortunate to get out in 1974 and lived in Israel until
my second immigration to the US in 1986. I have family in Israel, including
my brother, parents, and my beloved nephews. As you see I have a stock in
Israel, and wouldn't want this country to be bombed by nukes (or
conventional rockets), annihilated or buldozered to the Mediterranean, all
of the above being proposed by the esteemed leaders of practically all
neighboring Israel nations. I am not a partial and neutral bystander. I am
one very angry and concerned citizen and below I will try to explain to you
why I am angry and concerned.

You might become our next President, Leader and Commander-in-Chief, but we
the people know precious little about who you are, your ability to withstand
pressure, your philosophy, sympathies and preferences, your experience and
your judgment. During your recent campaigning we hear from you many
wonderful words like 'unification of America', 'no more blue or red states',
'help to humanity', 'care for those that need care', and I applaud those
words. If your words are supported by your past actions, then you might be
the man for the job. If your words contradict or are unsupported by what you
did before the Presidential race, then you are not what you say you are,

In order to find that out I attempted to examine whom you hang out with,
what words you and your friends were saying in private and in public and how
all that can affect our lives.

First, I decided to look who is endorsing you (according to the information
that can be found on Internet), who likes where you stand on issues. I found
among others a scaring host of anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli people and

- Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam Leader, racist, anti-Semite)

- Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades (Islamic Terror Organization)

- Raila Odinga (Fundamental Islamic Candidate, Kenya, some say he is your

- Daniel Ortega (Marxist Sandinista Leader, Nicaragua)

- Raul Castro (Hard-line Communist Leader, Cuba)

- Socialist Party USA (Marxist Political Party)

- The New Black Panther Party (Black Militant Organization)

- Hamas Terrorist Organization (Islamic Terrorist Organization).

I was really surprised to find so many American enemies routing for you
(Hamas, Sandinistas, Cuban Marxists), but what really frightened me was that
there is a well-organized effort on the Middle East to call American voters
at random asking them to vote for Obama. Who pays them for the expensive
phone calls to America? Who trained them what to say and who gave them names
and phone numbers of the American voters? This was reported by Al Jazeera:
'After studying Obama's campaign manifesto I thought this is a man that's
capable of change inside of America.' said one of pro-Obama Middle Eastern

'But may be' I was arguing with myself, 'I can't blame you for that, since
you didn't ask for their endorsements or their help? You may be even do not
know about it, or do you? On the other hand if our enemies (Hamas,
Sandinistas, Cuban Marxists) love you so much, may be it says something
about your agenda?'

Enough about those that like you. Let's look at whom you like, whom you
planning to bring to the White House to govern America. You invited Zbigniew
Bzezinski to become your chief political advisor. Bzezinski signed a letter
demanding dialogue with Hamas, whose charter calls for Israel's destruction.
He has also an interesting view on Communism that I am afraid you may share:
'Communism has the intellectually tantalizing possibility that for the world
at large. It was ... a blessing in disguise'. WOW! 'Blessing in disguise?'
Half of my family was murdered in Gulags. My beloved grandfather died after
a stroke at the KGB headquarters.

Your advisor on nuclear policies Joseph Cirincione in response to reports
that the site in Syria that Israel bombed was a potential nuclear facility
being established with the help of North Korea, said that the reports were
the product of two nefarious, agenda-driven groups: (1) Bush administration
hardliners seeking to derail 'the U.S.-North Korean agreement' and (2)
Israelis who 'want to thwart any dialogue between the U.S. and Syria.' WOW

Your financial backer billionaire George Soros repeatedly says in his
speeches: 'The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United
States.' How many times in one letter I can repeat WOW! Another obstacle he
considers Israel. If you have an obstacle on your way, you remove it, right?
Do you share the same ideology that Soros professes? As a matter of fact,
looks like your wife does. Soros is the power behind, and this is
he who puts money in your campaign coffins. In the old world we had a
saying, 'he who dines the girl, is dances her as well'. What dance you
promised Soros?

'The world powers established this filthy bacteria, the Zionist regime,
which is lashing out at the nations in the region like a wild beast.'- this
is what President of Iran Ahmadinejad says of Israel. He consistently calls
for destruction of Israel and the 'Big Satan', the United States. Iran
harbors and finances terrorists around the globe. At the same time your most
senior military adviser retired Gen. Merrill McPeak says President Bush and
Israel is to blame for Iran's bad behavior: 'It was us that insulted them by
including them in the 'axis of evil' and making sure they understood we
didn't like them very much. That drove us apart,' says McPeak and continues:
'Obama's idea is, why not talk to them. Why not see if there isn't some
common ground. Certainly, the fight against al Qaeda would be one of them.'

Dear Senator, hate of Israel would also be a good common ground with Iran,
Hesbollah and Hamas. I remember the overwhelming joy on the Iranian and
Palestinian streets when they heard about 9/11. Same joy I recall when
Hezbollah dragged on the streets of Gaza killed Israeli soldiers in front of
TV cameras. The same joy they experienced when masked terrorists beheaded
Americans and many other infidels they kidnap, torture and videotape their

Simon Malley, another of your foreign policy advisors loathes Israel. The
anti-Israel activism became a crusade for him. He spent countless hours with
Yasser Arafat and became a close friend of Arafat. He was, according to
Daniel Pipes, a sympathizer of the Palestinian Liberation Organization ---
and this was when it was at the height of its terrorism wave against the
West. His efforts were so damaging to France that President Valerie
d'Estaing expelled him from the country. Now you want him to give you an
advice regarding Middle East and relations with Israel.

I can go on and on. My big question to you is - usually we surround
ourselves with like-minded people. Didn't you notice that all those people
quite contradicting your public speeches? Or may be they express your hidden
thoughts and agenda?

During an ABC interview Stephanopoulos asked you: 'So you would extend our
deterrent to Israel?' your answer was: 'As I said before, I think it is very
important that Iran understands that an attack on Israel, is an attack on
our strongest ally in the region, one that we -- one whose security, we
consider paramount. And that would be an act of aggression that we would --
that I would consider an attack that is unacceptable. And the United States
would take appropriate action.'

It is important to notice that you didn't say, 'We will come after them and
will respond in full force'. Dear Senator - what is this 'appropriate
action' of yours? We already know that your mentors Reverend Wright and
socialist billionaire Soros think that the US and Israel stand in a way to
the 'progress'. May be the appropriate action, as you and your team
understand it will be to tell Iranians 'Good job, guys'?

Israel is an American alley that brings to the relations its fair share. I
want you to read exerts from two articles written by Ambassador (ret.) Yoram
Ettinger, who is an expert on U.S. Middle East policy:

Former secretary of state and NATO supreme commander Gen. (ret.) Alexander
Haig refers to Israel as the largest, most cost-effective combat-experienced
U.S. aircraft carrier - one that does not require American personnel, cannot
be sunk and is located in a region critical to U.S. national security
interests. In 1967, Israel defeated a pro-Soviet Egypt/Syria axis. In 1970,
Israel forced the rollback of an invasion by pro-Soviet Syria of pro-U.S.
Jordan, preventing a pro-Soviet Domino Effect in the Persian Gulf. In 1981,
Israel destroyed Iraq's nuclear reactor, enabling the U.S. to proceed with
conventional military options in its wars against Saddam Hussein. In 1982,
Israel destroyed Syrian-operated Soviet surface-to-air missile batteries,
which were considered impregnable. Israeli-developed unmanned aerial
vehicles have been employed by U.S. Marines in Afghanistan and Iraq,
providing otherwise unattainable intelligence and preempting terrorist
strikes. The Israeli-developed Lightning Pod navigation guidance system
eliminated Al-Zarqawi, the arch Al-Qaeda terrorist. Absent Israel and its
contribution to U.S. national security, Washington would have to deploy, to
the eastern flank of the Mediterranean, aircraft carriers and tens of
thousands of servicemen, costing scores of billions of dollars annually.

Dear Senator, we all would want to hear you saying words that in uncertain
terms will tell our enemies that you are not their friend, that you stand
and will stand for our country and for the principals of the founding
fathers of our country. How about repeating the pledge that Professor
Wichman of Mechanical Engineering at MSU wrote to a group of 'outraged by
>Jewish behavior' Muslim students in his University:

I (Barack Hussein Obama) will stand firmly against beheadings of civilians,
cowardly attacks on public buildings, suicide murders, murders of Catholic
priests (the latest in Turkey), burnings of Christian churches, the
continued persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt, the imposition of
Sharia law on non-Muslims, the rapes of Scandinavian girls and women
(called 'whores' in extreme Muslim culture), the murder of film directors in
Holland, and the rioting and looting in Paris France. This is what offends
me, and many, many of my fellow Americans. This shall be stopped and stopped
immediately. I will not tolerate it on my watch. As a US President I will
stand firm to stop this aggressive, brutal, and uncivilized behavior. I will
defend our allies including Israel, and will destroy any one who will try to
destroy them. Amen

Looks like you are not going to do it. This will make your Far Left friends
angry with you. You will hide behind words and smiles and half-truths.
Exactly as you were hiding your controversial pastor in the basement of the
building before you announced your bid for the US presidency.

Dear Senator, I received the below written text by email. I do not know the
sender, but I agree with him/her hundred percent. And I want you and your
sponsors, supporters and advisors to read it as well:

Any nation or culture that tried to mess around with the nation of Israel was destroyed -- while we Jews kept going! Egypt? Anyone knows where their
empire disappeared to? Greeks? Alexander of Macedonia? The Romans? Does
anyone today speak Latin? The Third Reich? Anyone heard any news about it
lately? And look at us, the Nation from the Bible, from Slavery in Egypt. We
> are still here, speaking the same language! Do not even think about
positioning the United States of America against Israel and Jews.


Leon A.Weinstein

Los Angeles, CA

PS - I can't imagine being a Jew and voting Obama. I can't imagine being an
Israeli supporter and voting Obama either. I can't imagine voting Obama

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