Monday, June 16, 2008

Mordechai Kedar on Al Jazeera, An Example to Israel

Professor Mordechai Kedar gave a ground breaking interview on the Al Jazeera network, in which he forthrightly defended Israel's right to an undivided Jerusalem without apology. What was remarkable about the interview was that an Israeli Jew was giving the interview who was a supporter and not an opponent of Israel. It is actually to the credit of Al Jazeera that they ran such an interview.
Kedar stated compelling facts, from the openness of the Holy City under Israeli rule to the fact that Jerusalem is not once mentioned in the Koran. Professor Kedar's presentation was marred by his apparent support for a Palestinian state in the West Bank, an area of great importance to the Jewish people. His greatest strength was in pointing out the openness of Jerusalem to members of all faiths. Kedar's style of debate should be required study for all those working in the Israeli foreign ministry. Negotiations about areas now being conducted for the purpose of establishing G-d forbid a Palestinian state would be far more productive if they centred on establishing the rights of those living in disputed areas to live in peace and their responsibility to respect the rights of others living in the area.
Hebron, Shechem, and indeed every inch of the Holy Land should be defended with the frankness , erudition and grace displayed by Kedar in his interview. It is most interesting that Kedar spoke ably in Arabic, a language in which the Rambam, (Maimonides) spoke and wrote.
Jews have a long history in Arab countries. The generation that remembers this is getting older.
The sight of a Jew speaking in Arabic to an Arab audience on matters of common interest and concern should become a more frequent occurence.
It is a most telling lesson that the Middle East did not erupt into flames after the professor's interview. It is apparent that a show of strength in discussion and negotiation is no less important than a display of arms. The audience of Al Jazeera has seen a Jew who does not tremble guilt ridden before them. They have seen a Jew who is articulate and forthright in his defense of Israel. The value of Dr.Kedar's interview extends far beyond the boundaries of Jerusalem. He deserves Israel's thanks and emulation.
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Findalis said...

Jerusalem is Israeli. The West Bank is Israeli and with G-d's help Gaza again will be Israeli. It is time to say to the Muslims: "Leave our lands!" Let them cry for 2000 years: "If I forget thee O Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its cunning."