Monday, June 2, 2008

A Note To My Readers

Magdeburger Joe and Rudi Stettner have at the age of four months a combined total of over 2500 visits . This does not include RSS feeds, which I don't know how to measure with any accuracy.
From now on, both Magdeburger Joe and Rudi Stettner will copyright stories under the name of Since they are in real life the same person, this seems to be the easiest thing to do.
I have decided to make the bulk of my text postings original material. I will not rule out reposting material written elsewhere. I will do so if the material is not in a mass circulation periodical and if there are no copyright issues. Although this cuts down on the number of posts that I can do in a day, I prefer to develop and present my own material.
I try to vary my content. Although I have strong feelings about the American presidential elections, there are a lot of issues to cover. I care very much about Israel, immigration and globalisation but they will be a few of of a multitude of subjects that I intend to write about. It would be unfortunate if and got stuck on any one issue.
Political labels give me claustrophobia. I am pro labour and pro business. Workers and capitalists need each other. It's that simple.
I don't like Islamo-fascism or any other type of hyphenated fascism. Any scripture can be distorted in a way that rationalises hatred. I am interested in promoting Noahide law, the seven universal commandments that every human should follow. They are as follows. 1) Worship G-d 2)Don't curse G-d. 3)Don't Kill.4) Don't Steal.5) Don't commit sexual immorality. 6)Don't eat the limb of a living animal. (Cruelty to animals). 7) Institute systems of government.
I believe in distinct and irreplaceable roles for men and women in society. I am against misogyny as an emblem of religious piety. There are Muslim groups that assert piety by denigrating women. Some Jews and Christians also fall into this trap. It seems to be a weakness in human nature that transcends theologies.
Communications has brought the world's cultures closer together. Music from around the world will continue to be a staple of my web sites. I like to view current events in a historical context. I like to mix some hot news with articles that have a long shelf life.
Even though I like to be popular, I have opinions and tastes that are out of the mainstream. I did not get a lot of fan mail when I presented Slovakian rock music or when I gave some forms of Islamic fashion favourable reviews. The whole point of having my own websites is being able to promote what I believe in. Although I learn from my readers, I do not like to pander.
I prefer to be issues oriented. I will, however draw on my personal experiences where I feel they have a greater relevance
Although I am American, I have adopted some aspects of British spelling. When I was in fifth grade, my father gave me a British newspaper to read. I studied the spelling variations and adopted them to irritate my teachers. Along with an adamant refusal to wear neckties, I have no intention of giving up this orthographic manifestation of immaturity.
I feel passionately about politics, but I am loathe to break up friendships over political arguments. At a family reunion of my relatives back in the 1950's the police were called in when a discussion of Joe McCarthy got out of hand. I am proud that my family cares so much. I am also glad that no one was injured. What I like about Brooklyn is how much it reminds me of these fun family reunions.
I will print any comment that is not laced with obscenity, slander or racial epithets. I might not comment back. Please don't be offended. I am working under time constraints. I'm not ignoring you. I especially value comments that tell me about what your reading preferences might be.
It is gratifying that total strangers come and spend time on my site. The diversity of material presented brings in visitors from all over the U.S.A and the world. Blogs are an exciting alternative to the mass media. I enjoy making my small contribution. I would love to write full time, but financial constraints do not currently permit this.
I truly enjoy running these websites and hope to do so for a long time. I thank you, my readers for visiting my sites, and I will try to improve their quality and content in the future

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