Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Open Letter To Nicholas Sarkozy

It was with sadness that I read your pitiful speech to the Israeli Knesset. In your speech you , the President of the French, the Alsatians, the Corsicans, the Basques, the Bretons and the Catalonians advocated the division of Jerusalem between Arabs and Jews as a partitioned capitol of a so called Palestinian state. You further advocated the surrender of Judaea and Samaria. You spoke in the soothing tones of a train conductor at Gare du Nord in Vichy France telling the Jews to get on the train. It was so comforting.
I don't really blame you. Like so many other European heads of state, you were elected under a parliamentary system, under which you shed your political positions like so many garments in front of an audience that tosses you votes like tarnished one Euro pieces. Twelve percent of your population is Arab, and they wait patiently for their majority to reach critical mass. You all solved your Jewish problem back in the 40's. We were so pushy, so controlling. I hear that our cousins are much easier to get along with. Granted they may burn a few cars when they get miffed. They may redistribute personal wealth in a very shall we say ad hoc way, but at least they don't control all the banks. Perish the thought that they should start their own political party such as the European Movement for the Reexamination of Democratic Elections. (M.E.R.D.E) They are your countrymen now and in a democracy, you have to keep them happy. You really don't have a choice. As part of the fourth Reich, I mean the European Union, your options are even more limited. Your capitol is in Brussels and you don't even have your own money. At least the EU is bigger than the U.S. That must make you proud Frenchmen very happy.
It's so much cleaner when your Jews are stashed away on another continent isn't it?. You don't have to bring them to the train station or dirty your clean French hands with Jewish blood. You'll have Arabs doing your dirty work hours away by plane in what you call Palestine and it will be so much cheaper . Occasionally, you have to wring your hands in dismay when one of your former colonial subjects burns down yet another synagogue or kills another Jew. Just lay a wreath at Yad Vashem and say you're sorry.
We Jews have learned not to trust Europeans. Your promises are worth about as much as your old demonetised French banknotes. Like every other European country in the EU, you are hostage to the Arabs in your midst who hate us a little more than they do you. It seems like only yesterday that the French were piously lecturing les Americains on race relations. My how time changes. If it gets too hot in Paris from all of those burning automobiles, then you might want to cool your heels in New York and see how we cope with problems like yours.
I am so glad that you as French Prime Minister stand for the self determination of all national groups. I am sure that the Catalonians, Basques, Bretons and Corsicans within your borders will be glad that you care so much about them.
August is not far away. The entire French Republic (or what is left of it) is going on vacation. They'll have a lot of spare time on their hands and not much air conditioning. You have to keep them busy. Don't get them mad. You're running out of Jews and who does that leave?

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In honour of the captive Basques of France, I am presenting a video of a Basque rock group. I don't understand the lyrics, but I don't understand the French either. If you have any complaints about obscenity in this posting, please specify whether you are talking about the lyrics in the rock video or Sarkozy's speech in front of the Knesset

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