Sunday, June 1, 2008

Peace to Jerusalem

In Ethics of the Fathers, chapter Six, Verse six (at the end of the verse) it says "Whoever says a thing in the name of its author brings redemption to the world, as it is stated 'And Esther said in the name of Mordechai.'"
Any time Jerusalem is mentioned in the Western media, it is said to be "sacred to the three major religions in the world". Israel has for the first time in centuries, guarded the sites sacred to Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The Temple Mount, in a craven act of political self effacement has been totally ceded to the Wakf, or the Islamic religious authorities. In any practically understood sense of the word, Jerusalem is an international city.
The last time it was "international" according to the dictates of the United Nations, Jews alone were barred from the Western Wall. The Western Wall, as well as Jewish graves were systematically desecrated tombstones were used to build houses and latrines, historic synagogues were razed.Today, the Islamic authorities in charge of the Temple Mount systematically do as much as they can to destroy physical evidence of a Jewish presence on the Temple Mount. Against all evidence and accumulated scholarship, they are stating with increasing stridency the ludicrous proposition that there never was a Temple atop the Temple Mount. All of this physical violence against history is in addition to a steady stream of murder and mayhem against Jewish Jerusalemites that finds the world silent and apathetic.
In America, the idea that one may live where one pleases is a central legal tenet. A Jew who wishes to reinhabit a house from which Jews had been violently disposessed is engaging in "provocation". "Judah Verrecke!!" (Jews drop dead) has morphed seamlessly into "Itbakh al Yahud!!"(Death to the Jews )with a body count that attests to the fact that it is no mere slogan. The Mufti of Jerusalem took Jew hatred from the Nazis and taught it well to masses of Arabs.
Christianity owes its existence to Judaism. It can not be understood out of a Jewish context. Islam also grew up in an environment strongly influenced by Judaism, with a cast of characters that overlaps those in Jewish scriptures.
By all accounts, Judaism is the eldest of all three faiths. At best, it is treated like the poor father of a wealthy son who is told to eat in the kitchen with the servants. at worst, Judaism is the brunt of patricidal fury unworthy of a reptile, let alone humans.
It is common knowledge in the annals of clinical psychology that a victim of spousal or elder abuse will often blame themselves, looking for a means of placating the abuser. Instead of putting an end to the abuse, the perpetrator escalates the level and frequency of the violence. It is considered a sign of psychological health when the victim pulls out of this cycle of self blame and places responsibility on the shoulders of the abuser.
Israel has on a national scale duplicated the psychology of the battered wife. Its behavior in peace(piece) negotiations and willingness to concede(G-d forbid) sections of the Holy City evoke nothing so much as the psychological profile of the abuse victim.
Christianity and Islam draw much influence from Judaism. If they were to speak their portion of truth in the names of its teacher, they could in the words of Ethics of the Fathers bring redemption to the world. Far from blessing us, the representatives of Islam and Christianity curse us at every opportunity.
Jerusalem is already international. All who come to it in peace are welcome. The time has passed that we should proffer pieces of our sacred capitol with trembling hand to our enemies. We should no longer cower like a beaten woman. The shame of our scars, of our torn garments is not ours. The disgrace is upon those who have afflicted us. If they come to us with an impudent hand outstretched for yet another gift, they should be shown the door. The peace we seek can only come through strength.
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