Friday, June 20, 2008

The Puhdys on Reunification

One of my favourite rock groups of all time is the East German group, the Puhdys. Their music is an interesting study in balancing integrity and survival under a totalitarian regime. At this task , they seem to have succeeded admirably. Little known is the fact that the Puhdys count the members of the band "Rammstein among their fans.
The song I have chosen for today's posting is titled "Was Bleibt?" which translates as "What remains?" It deals with the disorientation following the fall of the Berlin Wall and subsequent reunification of Germany.
Some of the lyrics translate as follows.
"Everything that is finished can also be a beginning".
But I am not a fool who forgets so quickly. What once was is also my life."
The refrain of the song translates as "What remains are the friends one has in life."
The simple thought that is conveyed is that one's neighbours and personal relationships remain even as governments fall and struggles rage.
This is certainly a lesson that all can learn from this thoughtful song. It is for good reason that the Puhdys have maintained their popularity in a united Germany.
Germany was split in two for over forty years and rejoined after a turbulent separation. There is little doubt that the Koreans in the North and South are following the experiences of Germany in reunification.
This song is an interesting example of how a nations political upheavals reverberate in the artistic dimension. I am happy to share it with my readers.

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