Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Holiday You Wretched Scum

America puts its filthiest dregs in maximum security prisons. We really don't have a death penalty. There is a greater likelihood of winning a hefty Lotto jackpot than being put to death by the government. Even in the worst prisons, there is a caste system. Bank robbers, murderers and drug dealers don't raise an eyebrow. But all across America, a child molester or a killer is considered the lowest of the low. Every day of their life on the inside is turned into a living hell. Usually, the guards turn a blind eye. And the public doesn't want to hear any sob stories about how the poor baby killers suffer.
Let's compare America, the Great Satan to Hezbollahstan, that country once known as Lebanon that has been turned into an Islamic paradise. Today is a holiday in Hezbollahstan. They are welcoming a brave hero, who just returned from Israeli prison, unrepentant and well fed. What was his brave, patriotic act? He bashed in the head of a four year old girl who had just witnessed the murder of her father. His "holy faith" liberated him from the strictures of the fifth commandment. He killed a Jew. So today is a holiday. I see you are dancing in the streets in circles, because your "hero" has come home. In America, the "Great Satan" they would break every bone in his body. He would be a walking dead man. But in Hezbollahstan , he is a saint.
No one should be punished for the sins of another person, but when you dance in the streets, when you shout and sing for joy, you have joined yourself to him who you celebrate and deserve his punishment. I have heard your "export quality" social critics talk about how western decadence undermines "Islamic virtue". We are so immodest and so promiscuous. And you are the very image of modesty as you parade in the streets with hijabs or burkas. Let us sinful westerners repent of our fornicating ways. You may kidnap Christian girls to forcibly convert them. You may rape them. But you're just "consummating a marriage". It's a good deed. You're showing them the sweet ways of Allah. In the holy "Islamic Republic of Iran", you don't have prostitution, you just get married for an hour . For that matter, you can marry off your daughter for an hour.
You are beneath contempt. The god you call allah is not my G-d.
To speak of killers without mentioning their enablers would not do justice to the travesty of the prisoner exchange. So while we are on the subject of false gods, let's talk about Ehud Olmert and his cash filled envelopes. Ehud old buddy, you've got a head for business. Would you buy a piece of real estate without checking it out, even if it was a disguised bribe? No, Your'e a smart boy. You'd scope it out first. So when you signed off on this trade, did you look to see if you'd be getting a live prisoner? No you didn't. It looks like you got real stupid. Maybe some statement from a Swiss bank account will prove that you aren't such a dolt after all. That's fine for you. I'm sure that you have an escape route planned. But what about the Israeli people who are worth as much for a bargaining chip dead as when they are alive. I can't even criticise the the Fourth Reich (I mean the European Union) or the US for putting pressure on you. You are so quick to give in, it must embarrass them.
You preside over a nation numb with mourning and jaded with the endless accounts of your corruption. You show no emotion. Your face is like a mask. The only feeling you seem to have is for the bloated wallet that stuffs your pocket. I would criticise your distorted values, but you have no values to distort.
I am weary of condemning terrorists, their cheerleaders and enablers. Anyone who could kill a four year old girl as you did is human only in the chromosomal sense of the word. The sweat from my angry fingers on my keyboard is worth more than your entire wretched life.
I can waste no more words on the sordid players in this sad affair. I can only make a simple suggestion. Only in our insane age would this suggestion even be necessary. One live prisoner for one live prisoner. One dead prisoner for one dead prisoner. And if we are short of corpses to trade, let's make them ourselves. Let's do it the way it is done in Iran, with a firing squad. And let's send their families a bill for the bullets.

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Findalis said...

Heartbroken is not what I feel. Anger is more like it. I just want for Israel to finally get a leader with the guts to smash Hizbollah and Hamas to pieces.

No more deals, ever!