Thursday, July 3, 2008

Just Go Away. America's Royalty


Caroline Kennedy: The reluctant operative

The question bounced around the Internet and tumbled from the lips of Washington insiders: Why would Barack Obama choose Caroline Kennedy, a reluctant public figure with little affection for modern politics, to vet the next Democratic vice presidential candidate?

A month into the search, as one of two remaining members of the search team, Kennedy is emerging as an active participant, slipping largely unnoticed around Capitol Hill for private meetings and exercising the kind of discretion that made her an appealing choice in the first place. Despite initial skepticism in some quarters that her appointment was window dressing, associates and at least one member of Congress who met with Kennedy describe her as an engaged and savvy operative. (Click here to continue)
Last time I checked, America was a republic. Yet America's left wing press does their best to turn the Kennedys into the closest thing America has to a royal family. Supposedly this dynasty descended from a pro Nazi bootlegger is all for the working class. They know what is best for us whether we do or not . Now Caroline Kennedy has "reluctantly" weighed in with helpful advice for Barack Obama. Fortunately, television cameras and photographers were on hand to record her reluctance.
One of the Kennedys shills for Hugo Chavez and CITGO, which is owned by the government of Venezuela. He runs commercials about how the U.S. government doesn't help poor people enough. But don't worry. In conjunction with Hugo Chavez, he is offering discount heating oil to low income Americans. What he doesn't talk about is all of the oil America has within its borders that we aren't allowed to touch because of the environmentalist lobby. If we ever started drilling for oil here, Joe Kennedy's grandson might have to do something else for a living like bootlegging.
Whether it's opposing tuition tax credits or "borking" a conservative Supreme Court nominee, you can always find a Kennedy at the centre of fawning news reporters.
The Kennedys have the same right to speak up as anyone, but quite frankly, it puts my foot to sleep just hearing about them. There are journalists and legislators whose names are trademarks for well thought out opinions. That is a prestige that is earned and not transferred from generation to generation. America is celebrating its 232nd anniversary as a republic. We are in the midst of choosing our next President. I will be reading and listening to well informed individuals about whom and what I should vote for. In America, wealth can be inherited. Respect must be earned. I live in Brooklyn. The people who work at the precinct level on its daunting problems, the people who with little fanfare on making government work for the people are the ones who have earned my respect. Other communities have their local heroes and creative thinkers as well. Some of these locals will become America's (nonhereditary) royalty.America has changed a lot since JFK was President and his brother was Attorney General. It's time to move on.


Anonymous said...

In the words of Obama it's time for change.JFK was President forty five years ago he was a hero then.But now, by the way does anybody know in his will he told his family not to sell any of his property to jews and blacks.Let's give the Kennedys a rest.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying I'm all about the Kennedys, but the term, "American Royalty" could be equally applied to a plethora of individuals, including a great deal many politicians, entrepreneurs, and even mere celebrities. I hear mention of the Kennedys Nazi background, yet, in the elections of 2000 and 2004 there was no mention of the fact that Bush's grandfather (Prescott Bush) was financially instrumental in Hitler's Germany. He was even prosecuted under the trading with the enemy act.

I'm not voting for Obama or McCain. I'm never going to vote for a Democrat or a Republican again in my life. They're all the same.