Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Justice For Iran's Arabs: Free Khuzestan !

National Liberation Movement of Ahwaz

There is a country in which four million Arabs live. Their language is suppressed. Their national dress is banned. The vast oil wealth in their land is taken out and spent elsewhere. Basic amenities such as roads and clean water are desperately needed, but the profits go elsewhere.
While malnutrition is rampant, hundreds of millions are spent to fund military campaigns abroad.
What country so oppresses its Arab minority? It is The Islamic Republic of Iran that chains its Arab national minority to a life of poverty and national degradation. Iran is only 51% Iranian. The other 49% are Baluchis, Azeris and numerous other groups that each constitute distinct national groups. Iran is not unique among nations in its ethnic diversity. Switzerland ,South Africa and India are all multi-ethnic republics with varying levels of internal friction. It is possible for such a state to work. India has been a republic within its present borders ince 1947. Switzerland has functioned smoothly as a multi ethnic confederation since 1803. It is not impossible for Iran to strive for the same thing.
Taking oil from Iran's Arab lands, polluting its land and leaving its people in poverty is theft on a systematic national level. It is colonialism as much as was the brutal kleptocracy of Belgium in the Congo that started in the nineteenth century. If the court of pan Arabist opinion is deaf to their pleas, then those who buy Iran's oil should start asking serious questions. They should start being concerned not only with extracting oil from the ground but also with the people in the region. The Arabs of Iran have not pressed their case with terrorist activities. They have appealed to the world's sense of decency. If we are silent, it will send a chilling message to aggrieved national minorities worldwide about what must be done to call attention to their grievances. OPEC and the Arab League have done nothing. The United Nations has been useless as usual. Decent people must take up the cause of the Ahwazis. Silence is complicity.

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