Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Power To The People: Give Us Freedom We Can Use

The Democrats in America and their ideological compatriots in Europe are zealous in defending the "right" to abortion as well as gay rights. But when it comes to simple freedom of speech, they are quick to trample the rights of others to free expression.
The Soviets used Mongolians and others from the Soviet Far East as shock troops to enforce their version of the" new world order". After a few days of terror with soldiers raping and pillaging, the backbone of collective resistance is broken whether in Berlin or Budapest.
The Muslims immigrants in Europe are similarly bringing with them a wave of crime. The most vocal among them advocate a contempt for the core political and social values of their host countries.
There are obvious questions that beg to be asked. It is clear that Muslim immigrants are afraid of dating habits and social practices that conflict with their social conservatism. Conservative Christians and orthodox Jews have established traditions as well. They also want to live in peaceful enclaves where outsiders are gently kept at arms length. It would be logical for Muslims to make common cause with believers of other faiths on matters as diverse as as sex education and municipal amenities for large families such as parks and pools. Both orthodox Jews and Muslims swim with the genders separated. It would be logical to work together to facilitate such amenities for communities of believers.
There has been no alliance of believers in Europe or America that has achieved a great deal of public notice. Action against Israel and against "hate speech" is all that has come out of Muslim leaders flexing their political muscles.. In Great Britain, blogger Lionheart was actually arrested for inciting ethnic hatred in his blog. I have examined it and it contains no calls for violence whatsoever.
Why is it that we are being offered sexual freedoms whether we want them or not yet simple freedom of speech is under worldwide attack? From the prosecution of "Lionheart" in Britain to Nancy Pelosi's sinister advocacy of a "fairness" doctrine " governing the broadcast media, simple freedom of speech is under attack as never before. In true Orwellian fashion, the language is being twisted to make opposition to their agenda into an awkward proposition. "Fairness doctrine" sounds fairly benevolent but it mandates a quota for expression of opposing viewpoints on radio that turns programming into a logistical nightmare. Why does "choice" apply to abortion but not to choosing a private school for one's children?
Whenever a controversial change is brought about such as banning prayer in public schools, it is usually rammed down our throats by an unelected judiciary.
America's flagship battles are attacks on conservative talk radio. The shock troops of British political correctness are attacking bloggers, attempting to muzzle "Lionheart".
I have an uncomfortable feeling that the left in Europe and America regard radical Muslims as their own "useful idiots." I think the radical Muslims feel the same way about them.

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