Monday, July 28, 2008

Random Thoughts on the Cult of Personality in Pyongyang and Washington

Obama Spoof in Tones of King James Bible

Funny North Korean Commercial

Kim Il Sung Tribute

The National Black Republican Association has thankfully put me on their e-mail list. They sent me a you tube video in which footage of Barack Hussein Obama was narrated with a stilted tone of adulation that evoked memories of the King James New Testament. The video was produced in Britain, giving lie to the impression created that the Europeans unanimously worship Obama.
I juxtaposed a compilation of official North Korean propaganda extolling Kim Il Sung. The video paints a portrait of the mind numbing personality cult created in North Korea, the only communist dynasty in the entire world.
There are different approaches to democracy. One approach is to vote for ideology and party. The other approach is to focus on individuals. I have heard more than once the statement that "I vote for the man, not the party". A system can make or break an individual. It is a matter of record how collective farms lagged behind private agricultural enterprises. Tanzania, for instance found that under Julius Nyerere that a socialist approach did not blend well with Tanzanian traditions. In Russia today the overthrow of communism has unleashed a lot of creative energy. Unfortunately, the blessings of prosperity have been unevenly distributed. Those who were well connected under communism have a competitive advantage not shared by common folk.
I strongly believe that Barack Obama would be an unmitigated disaster for the United States and the world. The indifference of the mainstream media to the reservations of millions about an Obama presidency is driving millions to talk radio and into the blogosphere.
Despite this, McCain will need critics when he becomes president. Although he is unapologetic about America's role as a world power, he is far more equivocal about defending our borders. His support of "campaign reform" in cosponsoring the McCain Feingold legislation regulating campaign spending came back to haunt him when he found his own campaign shackled by the same rules he had pushed into the federal law books. McCain will need not only our support but our constructive criticism. Unfortunately, the role of the opposition in American politics has degenerated into naked obstructionism, of trying to undercut the chief executive at every turn.
McCain has been accused of being abrasive and insensitive. New York had an" abrasive" and" insensitive" mayor who presided over a two thirds drop in the murder rate. Giuliani's successor has seen a rise in crime and a drop in second hand smoke as well as trans fat. America is not electing a drinking buddy. It is electing a president. All of the countries that complain about America being the world's policeman are only angry that the sheriff's badge is pinned on the wrong chest.
When you are buying a used car, you kick the tires, lift the hood and check the body for rot.Voting for Obama without proper investigation is like buying a used car from a catalogue without even taking it for a drive. The mainstream media has insulated Obama from criticism. Now that he has sheltered himself from unrehearsed questions, they are starting to tire of him.(Read background story on 'Yid With Lid' It is good that the big networks are tired of being treated the same way they treat us. It's about time.

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Anonymous said...

How much criticism has Mr. McCain gotten? Has his voting records and views on issues been thoroughly examined?