Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yet Another Bulldozer Attack In Jerusalem:My Thoughts

Jerusalem Post on Second Bulldozer Attack

For the second time, an Arab has taken a bulldozer from a construction site in Jerusalem and used it as an instrument of terrorism. The vigilance of an armed civilian and a border policeman put a quick end to the carnage. Since before the founding of the State of Israel, Arabs have been hired to do construction work. Many of the Arabs who live in Israel are descended from those who were attracted by jobs created by Jews resettling the land. In America, construction work has evolved into a solid skilled profession at which one may earn a very good living. Promoting the dignity of labour makes political, moral and economic good sense for those who want to maintain a Jewish presence in the Holy Land. As we now sadly see, it has implications for national security as well.
It is interesting to note that armed civilians as well as armed members of the military and border police were able to put a quick end to both bulldozer attacks. If not for their quick intervention, the casualties would have been much more extensive. Americans and European governments should be mindful of what Israel faces on a daily basis. Continued demands for "painful sacrifices" are nothing less than aiding and abetting Israel's sworn enemies.
The other lesson for Americans involves gun control, which should mean being able to hit one's target. Unfortunately, in many parts of America, law abiding citizens have to run a bureaucratic gauntlet to secure a legal firearm. The Virginia Tech Massacre as well as the Christian and Newsom murders are cases where armed civilians might well have put an end to tragic episodes in their early moments . In many American cities, gun control laws embolden criminals, who know that the government is protecting them from the law abiding population.
America also suffers from short sightedness in its immigration policies. Greedy employers set wages on decent and honourable labour so low that only those who are sending remittances abroad would find the remuneration to be reasonable. Even computer programming jobs are being outsourced abroad. Naturally, we are eroding our tax base as we pit American and foreign workers against each other. The thoughtful planning that could develop poorer countries and raise their standard of living without hurting American workers does not interest greedy capitalists who are only interested in a quick buck. With the exception of Mexican extremists and some Arab immigrants, most of America's illegal immigrants are here to make money, and have no political agenda.Israel is in a fight for its life . It is clear that some workers hate Israel so strongly that they will sacrifice a good job if such sacrifice will kill Jews.
It is time for Israel to respect the dignity of all honest labour. Create a job you would not be ashamed to give your best friend. America and Israel are very close friends. We have even made very similar mistakes. For the sake of peace, security and prosperity,we should correct our mistakes as well.

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