Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Yothu Yindi, An Australian Contribution To World Music

When I am first getting to know the music of another country, I usually look first for fusion genre music, which combines a type of music like rock or rap with something indigenous. Yothu Yindi, from Australia is such a band. It combines aboriginal music played on native instruments with some aspects of rock. The name of the band translates as child and mother. The band was founded in 1986 by indigenous Australians and Australians of European ancestry. For many years , the Australian aborigines endures a denigration of their culture similar to that of Native Americans in the U.S. complete with reservations and boarding schools . A goal of the boarding schools was to interrupt the transmission of aboriginal languages. Along with white Australians, who are descended from convicts transported to Australia's shores, the aborigines are enjoying a rebirth of their heritage and an increase in public interest in their history. The song included in this posting, "Tribal Voice" combines English language with indigenous instruments. The theme of pride in one's people and folkloric traditions resound strongly in the song. In a world that has been brought closer together through mass communications and the internet, it is important that languages , songs and histories not be lost. Australia and the World are fortunate that Yothu Yindi has given them a "Tribal Voice."

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