Friday, August 1, 2008

Barack Obama!!! Have You No Shame ????

Barack Obama has gotten the Democratic Party nomination. Along the way, he has managed to ditch any scruples that might stand in the way of his reaching the White House. After pledging to stay within the system for public financing of election campaigns, he has opted out of the system, leaving him and McCain on unequal footing in the presidential race.
The New Yorker was widely criticised for running a cartoon showing Barack and his wife as jihadists. The article inside the magazine got far less attention. It described Obama as a local office seeker in Chicago who was cunning, ruthless, ambitious and willing to alienate his early supporters. This portrayal has presaged his behavior on the national stage to a remarkable degree.
Obama has brought the issue of his race into the campaign after pledging not to sully the campaign by bringing up such issues. Racism has been banished from polite society to an amazing degree. It is a tribute to our progress as a nation that it is shameful to be racist. It is in this light that Obama's speech about people not wanting to vote for him because he 'doesn't look like the other guys on the dollar bills", particularly disgraceful.
Obama has a public record of defending some controversial positions on the war in Iraq . He has made some statements about his planned expenditures that are highly debatable Millions of Americans would like the press to challenge Obama in public forums. Unfortunately he does not respond well to candid questions nearly as well as scripted photo ops. Most Americans don't give a damn about his race. They have legitimate questions about his positions, his flip flops and his qualifications. He lumps all these questions together with the issue of voter prejudice. We are supposed to feel smitten with embarrassment and apologetically pull the lever for Obama with a twinge of white guilt coursing through our fingers. Most people became fed up with that a long time ago. No one wants to practice affirmative action in the voting booth. Obama should be ashamed of asking us to do so.
Video footage of Obama pulling race card

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Findalis said...

Every time the degree of temperature goes up from McCain, Obama plays the race card. He did it against Hillary with great effect and thinks it will work against McCain.

It doesn't play well with Middle America (the Great Silent Majority as Nixon called us) and it won't bode well for him to keep doing it. For the voters will have had enough of dear Barry's antics and vote for McCain instead.