Monday, August 25, 2008

Breaking News!!!! A New Obama Endorsement Brought to You By T.N.N..

Denver Colorado ....T.N.N. (Tasteless News Network)
In keeping with Chicago's long standing tradition of empowering the dead community, Tasteless News Network has resurrected former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and secured his endorsement of Barack Hussein Obama. The minor technicality of his British citizenship is of no consequence to the Democratic Party. The same oppressive laws that keep non citizens from working and voting in America should not stand in the way of the world's dead community from participating in the political process. For thousands of years, the dead have been the silent majority ruled over by a minority of the living. This injustice, first challenged in Chicago, will now be defeated around the nation and the world. Mr. Chamberlain could not appear live at tonight's Democratic Convention, but he is ably represented by Jimmy Carter, as well as the video accompanying this posting. We believe that the juxtaposition of Obama's speeches, Jimmy Carter's political legacy and Chamberlain's immortal words to the British people will establish a clear thread of historical continuity. To have a leader who can function in a crisis, we need a leader who can create a crisis. Chamberlain, Carter and Obama..... They are truly men for their times. ...Tasteless News Network salutes you.

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Findalis said...

That is quite a coup considering that Chamberlain has been dead for many years.

The Moonbat Express is on, and it will travel the road to defeat.