Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Can We Hold Obama Responsible For Bill Ayers? YES WE CAN !!!!!

Bill Ayers Expressing Reverend Wright's Feelings about America (2001)

There are two bars of justice that every citizen must face. There are the courts of law, and the court of community opinion. The courts of law function according to written rules and precedents. Community opinion has many local variations. Its verdict is hard to appeal.
In America there are certain cardinal sins that doom any quest for high office. It is safe to say that a murderer or a rapist should not even think of ever running for office, even after serving time.
There are are other acts which are very difficult to expunge from the public memory. Lester Maddox, George Wallace , Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan all have a history of bigotry. Millions will never forget their racist contributions to public life, from Al Sharpton leading chants of "Kill the Jews and railing against "white interlopers" in Harlem to George Wallace blocking African Americans from attending public schools with whites. One of the reasons that we have been so successful in combatting bigotry in America is because the majority of Americans attach such a high political price tag to its public espousal. There is no set term of expiation for the sin of promoting ethnic hatred. Though this may prove harsh to some truly contrite individuals, it is a very effective protection against public unrest.
Bill Ayers was a member of the Weather Underground, a radical group that bombed government buildings, from police stations to the Pentagon. Some members even killed police officers. Bill Ayers even went underground, surfacing to receive a judicial slap on the wrist. Far from expressing regret for his criminal past, Ayers continues to maintain that he "did not go far enough."
Barack Obama has complained in political advertisements that he has been held responsible for Ayer's sins which were committed when Obama was a mere lad of eight years. Ayers in his "rehabilitated " state sponsored the early stages of Obama's political career. They served on boards of foundations together that promote radical views such as the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and the Woods Foundation, both of which serve as a conduit for funds to radical groups. Obama was already a close political associate of Ayers when Ayers posed for a Chicago Magazine photo while stomping on an American flag. He amplified his desecratory pose by a statement to the New York Times in a 2001 interview that the notion of America as a fair and just country "makes me want to puke.” (Kurtz article in National Review)
Bill Ayers has never repudiated his own terrorist actions as morally wrong. He has even profited from his public notoriety through book royalties and job appointments. It would be safe to say that his return to legal activities is tactical and not moral. If that is the case, nothing would stop him from resuming terrorist activities in the future or urging others to do so.
Bill Ayers remains unrepentant. His public expressions during Obama's adult life and friendship with him are repugnant to most Americans. The picture at the top of this posting of Ayers staring defiantly into the camera with an American flag underfoot was taken during his friendship and professional collaboration with Obama. Can we judge Obama by his friends? YES WE CAN!!!!

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